Don't tie the knot!

Don't tie the knot!

Posted by ARoberts on 2017 Nov 19th

Don’t Tie The Knot!

We understand that there is a “love/hate relationship” going on between you, your power tools, and your extension cord, therefore, “Tying The Knot” isn’t the best answer to your problems, It might be a quick fix, but it will create more problems than solutions for you!

Out in the field it’s easy to find people that believe “ tying the knot” is the best solution to a disconnection problem when in reality, it can create many more problems; for instance, cutting the life expectancy of your extension cord short.

What is better than “Tying The Knot”?

Well....... Here at PROLOCK LOCKING SOLUTIONS, we suggest using our professional grade locking connectors made with polycarbonate plastics. This design results in a very durable connector, placing it in the tools and hardware category.

Watch your “love/hate relationship” with your cords disappear once you attach the “PROLOCK”to your extension cord.

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